Unfavourable reporting is Telugu media model!

Telugu media is thought for its blackmailing technique. Journalism is generally utilized in some media homes to blackmail focused officers and politicians.

The model is like writing a adverse story in opposition to an official or a politician and hopefully he’ll provide you with some cash.

If the goal refuses to supply the cash, provide you with one other story with harsh statements.

Nonetheless, if the goal doesn’t include the cash, then a brief story comes within the information channel.

As soon as the information is printed within the information channel, it’s ensured that the mission is 99 p.c full.

If the goal fails to pay the cash even after the information is proven within the channel, a last try is made by some leaders of the rival get together.

The chief of the rival get together, for varied causes, criticizes the official or politician. It will finally give the anticipated cash.

A minimum of two to a few newspapers and 5 to 6 information channels observe this technique to earn cash.

This technique was first launched in a significant media home which used to extort cash by focusing on ministers.

It’s now largely adopted by one other media home, which has a presence in each print and digital media.

The attention-grabbing factor is that this media home might criticize and goal any political get together, however some distinguished leaders are exempted from criticism.

Numerous politicians and bureaucrats within the two Telugu states ship cash each month to those media homes to keep away from being focused.

Those that fail to ship cash are focused and adverse tales are created.

That is how journalism is flourishing in Telugu states!

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