What’s esoteric astrology and the way is it completely different from studying my horoscope?


The factor about astrology is that after you realize a little bit about it, you rapidly notice how a lot you’re Do not know, It’s a language with virtually infinite variety of dialects. It isn’t one-size-fits-all! One of many least practiced and most mystical types of astrology is esoteric astrology, which first appeared within the early twentieth century and will tend to ogee expressions—for higher or worse! This is every little thing we find out about it.

So, what’s esoteric astrology?

Esoteric astrology is a soul centered astrology. Much less involved about our singular outward character or what’s going to occur to us on this lifetime, esoteric astrology is about defining the contribution of our soul to the event of humanity. It’s taught as a approach to heal the connection between the soul and the character. Based on esoteric astrologers, in an effort to attain our highest self and reside with self-consciousness, we should transcend our bodily nature, utilizing our character as a method of manifestation of the soul, and never vice versa. If this already sounds a little bit tempting, that is as a result of it’s. Esoteric astrology originated within the Theosophy—or, “New Age” motion of the late Nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

historical past of esoteric astrology

The Theosophical Society was based in New York Metropolis in 1875 as a house for upper-class intellectuals who had developed expertise within the Center Ages and had been hungry to discover the esoteric. Assume: Work by Sans and Hilma af Klimt. Rudolf Steiner and Helena Blavatsky, together with Alice Bailey, the founding father of esoteric astrology, had been two main contributors to the motion.

Alice Bailey codifies esoteric astrology by her 5 volumes a treatise on the seven rays, which he claimed to have transmitted by his unrelated religious trainer, DK (learn: a ghost). Within the introduction she writes, “Among the issues I would say would in all probability be regarded by educational and detached astrologers as revolutionary, or incorrect, unattainable, or unattainable.” She is aware of these teachings are controversial and the supply is unbelievable—just like the Instagram-famous-crystal-healer vibes. His teachings had been carried into trendy instances by the work of Alan Leo (the unique Solar horoscope writer), in addition to the trendy psychological astrologer Dan Rudhayar.

How is esoteric astrology completely different from my recognized astrology?

The largest distinction between esoteric astrology and the trendy psychological astrology of the Solar horoscope (and all these memes) is the planetary rulers. In trendy astrology, the rulers of the indicators transfer as follows:

Aries – Mars

Taurus – Venus

Gemini – wed

most cancers – Moon

Leo – Sunday

Virgo – wed

Libra – Venus

Scorpio – Mars, Pluto

Sagittarius – Jupiter

Capricorn – saturn

Aquarius – Saturn, Uranus

Pisces – Jupiter, Neptune

However as a result of esoteric astrology is about transcending our nature and discovering our greater objective throughout the collective (aka revealing our greatest lives, in addition to the world’s greatest outcomes), the planetary rulers of every signal’s greater octaves, or denote extra calling. In esoteric astrology, every signal has a frequent sense The planetary ruler, who reveals the pure outward manifestation of the traits of the signal, in addition to a Secret Planetary ruler, who reveals the religious facet of the signal. Outer rulers are much like trendy psychological astrology, however break from the esoteric planetary ruler custom as follows:

Aries – wed

Taurus – Vulcan*

Gemini – Venus

most cancers – Neptune

Leo – Sunday**

Virgo – Moon

Libra – Uranus

Scorpio – Mars**

Sagittarius – Earth

Capricorn – saturn**

Aquarius – Jupiter

Pisces – Pluto

,You have to be questioning what’s Vulcan? Effectively, that is…hypothetical. Vulcan was launched by Nineteenth-century astronomers as a hypothetical planet orbiting between Mercury and the Solar to elucidate some peculiarities in Mercury’s orbit. After a number of searches no proof of its existence was discovered and after 1919 Vulcan was deserted scientifically. Regardless of this, the “planet” additionally seems in some astrological texts of the Seventies.

,Additionally it is attention-grabbing that Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn maintain the identical ruler on the inside (esoteric) and outer (exterior) ranges.

What do my occult planetary rulers say about me?

Esoteric astrology is the seek for the consciousness of our soul. The enigmatic planetary ruler clues us in to a extra “advanced” model of himself.

Aries – Inspiring others by thought and speech (Mercury) results in the attainment of the upper self.

Taurus – Achieved by excessive self-fidelity and an iron will (Vulcan).

Gemini The upper self is reached by the love (Venus) of ideas.

most cancers – The upper self is attained by creativeness (Neptune) because the nourishment of the soul.

Leo The upper self is attained by illuminating others (the solar).

Virgo – The upper self is attained by acts of service and purity of Vritti (moon).

Libra – Holding progress (Uranus) in thoughts results in the upper self.

Scorpio – The upper self is achieved by preventing (mangal) for a divine trigger.

Sagittarius – The upper self is reached by grounding (earth) spirituality.

Capricorn – The upper self is attained by the institution of guidelines (Saturn) for the collective.

Aquarius – The upper self is reached by information (Jupiter) within the type of humanism.

Pisces – The upper self is attained by religious rebirth (Pluto) by letting go of limitations.

seven rays

One other key part of esoteric astrology is the seven rays (bear in mind Bailey’s ebook is titled a treatise on the seven rays) Life coach and astrologer Mary O’Neill describes them as “vitality streams that enter our photo voltaic system from cosmic sources.” The Seven Rays pre-date esoteric astrology and theosophy, with doable origins in Hindu scriptures, and are additionally part of Catholic iconography. In Bailey’s writings these seven rays are thought of the basic vitality behind all existence. The seven rays are a basic artistic power and manifestation of divinity. In esoteric astrology, all of the planets in several zodiac indicators categorical their energy by completely different rays.

Rays are outlined as:

first ray: will or energy

Second Ray: love information

Third Ray: adaptability

Fourth Ray: magnificence or concord

fifth ray: information or science

Sixth Ray: devotion

Seventh Ray: non secular rites

What can I study from my studying of my charts?

We now perceive that esoteric astrology could be very completely different from trendy psychological astrology. It’s a advanced system with considerably obscure origins, and in distinction to conventional types of astrology, the considerably jargon language of “esoteric” and “alien” rulers, the seven rays and soul consciousness, are required to be procured in an effort to apply it. Targeted on the collective quite than the person objective, this sort of astrology doesn’t predict life occasions or have a warming impact on the character. An esoteric chart studying focuses on change and the way we will higher categorical our spirit, which is a lifelong work.

floor stage

Esoteric astrology is much less about who we’re and extra about who we will change into.

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